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What should be the focus of the next major release?

A custom iPhone/iPad remote control
An integrated music library manager with playlists, statistics, etc.
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Re: Poll: Feature priorities

Post by Bodo »

Hello and happy New Year 2014 to everyone,
new user and customer here. I would like to opt for the essentials:

1. Support for the Media-Keys of the Apple Keyboard (in day by day use really essential)
2. Improved support for Vorbis-Tags in Flac-Files: Lyrics (something for the Inspector-Window?), BPM, Producer, and also important;
2.a. Most Songs have more than one Composer - Decibel should handle multiple Tags of the same Kind like Squeezebox-Server or Songbird (Nightingale) - sperate them with comma.
3. and yes - a watched Folder would be fine
4. last but not least: please don't drop SnowLeopard support!!!!!!!!!

Many, many thanks.

PS.: Decibel is one of the sources which shows the impotance of the quality in Digital Music - much mote important as the kind of DAC Chip which is used.
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Re: Poll: Feature priorities

Post by wjr »

I am a new user and I have what I hope is not a a well trodden question. I want to drive my tube amp from the application via Bluetooth. The amp supports both hardwired and wireless but the room it is in (my library) is set up in such a way that best listening is about 3 to 7 meters from the speakers. So, Bluetooth works well for this. I use this regularly but the rendering of the files via this application is much better than that of iTunes. Unfortunately the application does not seem to see Bluetooth.
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Re: Poll: Feature priorities

Post by mitry »

When standart Mac audio buttons will works in Decibel?
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Re: Poll: Feature priorities

Post by sbooth »

mitry wrote:When standart Mac audio buttons will works in Decibel?
That's a good question without a good answer. Mac OS X reserves the use of those buttons, so the only way to use them is to intercept the events system-wide. This isn't something I wanted to do from a usability standpoint.
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Re: Poll: Feature priorities

Post by Rosebrock »

Is the remote control still being worked on?
So go to bingoviews instead.