Using Decibel with Apple TV

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Using Decibel with Apple TV

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I read in another post that Decibel doesn't support Apple Airport streaming. I assume that it also doesn't support Apple TV streaming? (or Squeezebox Touch) The only reason I bring this up is that a very quickly growing sector of the population is the "computer audiophile" crowd that want to pipe high quality lossless music from their Macs to a multi-thousand-dollar two channel or multichannel audio rig (or high end home theater). Running USB output from your computer across the floor is a poor excuse for an elegant solution, and streaming it while maintaining the sonic advantages of the Decibel player would make many people very happy (heck, double the price for the streaming version, we'll pay for it).

Thank you for your consideration Mr. Booth.

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Re: Using Decibel with Apple TV

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Agreed. Not that I am an audiophile - ears certainly not golden. But I do want an alternative to iTunes and do appreciate the loading into memory.

The present solution is adding an interim step - using Airfoil. But it doesn't work as well as ALAC+iTunes. Load Yes's Close to the Edge and wait for the tweeting birds to give way to the sonic blast of the band. FLAC/Decibel/Airfoil with skip at that point every time. ALAC/iTunes is fine.