More on iTunes Browser in 1.2

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More on iTunes Browser in 1.2

Post by jjcampbell »

If you have Decibel and iTunes both open for a while, and add new songs to iTunes, Decibel won't see them. It's confusing: you can see the things perfectly well in iTunes and can't understand why they're not visible to Decibel. Quitting and reopening Decibel and iTunes solves the problem.

- It's also extremely convenient to be able to drag tracks directly from iTunes into Decibel, it hadn't occurred to me that would be possible until it was pointed out on the earlier thread that you can do this.

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Re: More on iTunes Browser in 1.2

Post by sbooth »

The XML file that Decibel uses is updated by iTunes every time iTunes quits. Additionally, the file is read only once at startup by Decibel. So any changes made to your iTunes library after Decibel starts but before iTunes quits won't show up until later, as you've discovered.