Native DSD Playback

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Native DSD Playback

Post by untangle »

I propose that this be the new #1 priority for the next major release.

Only two Mac players - Audirvana and Pure Music - have it. The PM implementation is ugly. The AV version is clean, but doesn't always work.

DSD DACs are now selling well (given <$1K USD pricing). If you could implement this feature cleanly, it'd be a big deal!

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Re: Native DSD Playback

Post by bfn »

Quote from Wikipedia:
DSD has not been broadly successful in the studio recording or the consumer markets, even though the SACD format has gained more traction than its direct competitor, DVD-Audio. The advent of very-high-resolution PCM media and tools e.g. DXD has led to a decrease in the uptake of DSD in the studio market. Also, consumer Blu-ray Discs are considered to provide similar or superior audio quality to DSD-based SACDs.
End Quote

Since programming capacity is always limited, let's focus on important things, not on marginal issues. I don't believe you could sell a lot more copies of Decibel through adding this feature.
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Re: Native DSD Playback

Post by sbooth »

DSD support is something I'd like to add, along with Opus. DSD would be the trickier of the two formats because most people don't have a DSD DAC and the files would have to be converted.
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Re: Native DSD Playback

Post by skeenan »

I would love to see DSD playback in Decibel. The ability to downsample to 24/96 64-bit (well, arbitrary PCM streams) for my DAC (and many others) would be an awesome addition. I'm forced to switch to Jriver & pay for it because Decibel doesn't do this today. I have a ton of DSD audio that would be very nice to be able to play without having to convert it.
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Re: Native DSD Playback

Post by gbroagfran »

The question is really, are we going to see any new music on DSD, or will the publishers only do the same albums that they did with vinyl, tape, CD, SACD and 24/96-192? That is, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan and the other 500 oft-refried albums. I don't ever see any new or unique music from high-res digital sources, so if you want to listen to something new or uncommon, you still need to buy vinyl records and CDs.