How to use decibel license key for an earlier version?

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How to use decibel license key for an earlier version?

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Dear forum,

I recently bought a license for Decibel 1.3.3. After running it for a while, I encounter several bugs:

- the iTunes browser works only occasionally
- the exclusive access to the sound system is not released (after decibel no software plays audio any more - manual intervention required)
- Airplay doesn't work well for no good reasons (while iTunes connects instantly)

I consulted this forum but the proposed solutions don't work for me - like using a renamed alias pointing to the iTunes Library.xml file.

So I tried an earlier version no. 1.2.10. This is much better (on my old
17 inch Macbook): all problems vanished.
New problem: the old version does not show the License entry in the menu and
I cannot apply my license key. So after 48 hours it does not start any more.

Does anybody know how to apply the license in this case?
I contacted the Feisty Dog support (where I bought decibel) and the admin team of this forum - no answer at all after weeks - edit: now months.

Regards, Michael