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Poor streaming quality; where's it going wrong?

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2012 8:06 am
by ifor
I play my CDs through a pretty good Hi Fi system. Cyrus CD 8 SE cd player, Roksan Kandy amplifier and Spendor A5 speakers. I also stream to this system from iTunes. I had been streaming AAC files ripped by iTunes using the DAC built into an Airport Express. Sound quality was very disappointing so I re-ripped all my CDs as ALAC files using Rip and imported these files into iTunes. I also started using the DAC in my old Sony Mini Disc player. This gave a significant improvement, but was still a long way short of CD quality, so I have been to my local Hi Fi dealer and borrowed a couple of really good DACs to try out. Unfortunately the sound quality of the tracks from iTunes still falls a long, long way short of the CD quality. But, digital downloads sound great.

I don't understand; can anyone enlighten me? What more do I have to do to approach CD sound quality?