Usability suggestions

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Usability suggestions

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I've been using Rip for a few weeks, having ripped several hundred of my CDs so far. I like it, but I have a few requests for minor improvements that I think could make a big difference in usability. Some of them are probably large enough to be considered feature requests. Let me know if I should file any of them on the feature request page.

I think these improvements would improve the Rip experience, especially when using two optical drives:

* Don't overlap windows when displaying a new CD.

* Expand the track list of each window to make all tracks visible by default, up to lower edge of the screen.

* Better iTunes metadata detection when you put in a disc with the same number of tracks. Right now if two discs have the same number of tracks, it can't decide what disc is in the drive - it identifies both discs currently in the machine and you have to tell it which one you just inserted. But I think Rip it would be pretty safe in guessing that the disc that was inserted first (whose metadata is already being displayed in a different Rip window) is not the correct metadata to get from iTunes, and so pick the other disc with that number of tracks.

* Maintain "Success!" the dialog until cleared (as an option). I rip two discs at a time, and sometimes drives take a bit to spin up and I get distracted and don't remember if I've ripped a disc or not - that success dialog disappears quickly and you can't tell just by looking at the window if a disc has completed ripping or if it hasn't yet been ripped.

* Identify the upper and lower disc drive in the title bar of the CD dialog. This is useful in a Mac Pro with two optical drives. Do it like OS X - if you have two drives the eject icon is a drop-down menu from the bar where it identifies, for example, Upper "Album Name" and Lower "Album Name 2", it'd be great if the "Upper" or "Lower" designation were right in the title bar of the window.

* Eject or ding when finished ripping a disc.
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Re: Usability suggestions

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These are very good suggestions.
Having a Mac Pro myself, I also asked Stephen about some of your points back in September 09.

Unfortunately no new beta since then :-(
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