FLAC options: Rip vs. Max

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FLAC options: Rip vs. Max

Post by ajs75 »

I'm curious to know how the FLAC encoders do or do not vary between Max and Rip as Max has many more options for the user to select.

The only options I've changed in Max are:

Compression Level: 8
Reserve: 8192 bytes for metadata
Verify encoding: checked

I can set the compression level in Rip, but what about the others?

My workflow is to rip and then encode both FLAC and AAC and, up until now, I've done both in Max. If I want to use Rip, would I need to rip to a FLAC image (as opposed to individual files) and then bring those into Max for initial tagging and encoding into individual AACs and FLACs? If so, would Max then pad out the metadata space as it creates the individual files?


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Re: FLAC options: Rip vs. Max

Post by sbooth »

Rip doesn't present as many options as Max because I didn't feel that they were necessary. The preferred way of using FLAC is through presets- setting things like the LPC order manually can lead to poor compression performance and increased file sizes. It might be good to add an optional padding block to Rip, though. Rip automatically passes the -V option (verify encoding) to the FLAC encoder.

If you want to rip with Rip and then convert with Max, you would not necessarily have to create an image. You could rip to individual files, but in either case Max will add the padding block to each FLAC file.
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