1.0b9 Great Improvement Indeed!

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1.0b9 Great Improvement Indeed!

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Just wanted to say thanks Stephen for a huge improvement in my opinion. The GUI is way better, the rips are faster, and the new flexibility in ripping choices are great! I have left the default values so far, but just ripped a few pretty much brand new CD's tonight. Couple items/questions:

1. Is there a way from one CD ripping to the next, that the window size could be retained to be whatever it was last. Again, I don't mean after closing Rip and restarting, just between CD's...the default sizing is very small and the track names and things get contatenated, so I pull it nice and wide so I can see what I'm looking at, I size my columns within the window the way I like, so i can see everything, and that works fine for that CD. But then when I get to the next CD for ripping, it's right back to the default view of looking through a small keyhole again. Would be great if you could just retain the window sizing that the user has last used.

2. I notice sometimes iTunes where I get my MetaData from, does not spell something right in the track name, or even artist, etc. I don't always catch it prior to ripping. So, my question is, what is the best way to change Flac meta-tags post-ripping??? Is there a good app for helping me make changes to those old meta-tags that may have been saved incorrectly in some cases? Also, does it also allow me to change/add album art too as part of metadata???

Thanks again Stephen, this release is the BEST one yet, by far, a huge improvement!

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