Initial experiences

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Initial experiences

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Firstly, Stephen: your efforts on this tool and the others are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I've been using Rip on and off for a few weeks and thought I'd provide some feedback based on experiences to date. Some of the feedback matches what others have said in other posts; I hope that any repetitions might give weight to feedback that is not yet caught in the bug/feature tracking tool. The points made are based on 1.03b and, more recently, 1.04b. As far as I'm aware, the points below are still relevant in 1.04b. Please note: some of these points are very subjective and are in no particular order of importance.

General Observations
* Rips have largely been successful. The confidence level of the rips has been mixed and this is based on a number of probably subjective matters. My prior experience has been with Max and XLD, both using cdparanoia. I think the legacy that cdparanoia has and the surrounding processes of whatever tool implements it, whether good or bad, generates some weight in terms of confidence level of rips and their "security". A new ripping method does not have this legacy and will need some time to build confidence (more information on rip strategy and techniques can probably assist here). One point has assisted "Rip" for me in this area: AccurateRip verification. This might be weak logic, but more data points on AccurateRip verification for me have helped build confidence for when there is no AccurateRip match and the rip has to rely on the "test and rip" method. I generally don't enable C2 error pointers - any information on the objective efficacy using these would be appreciated.

* Rips have not been successful when there has generally been stability issues with the tool (see problems, below). This primarily occurred for me when dealing with less than pristine discs. Good error recovery of "Rip" when dealing with problematic discs would help provide more general confidence in the tool.

* Sometimes I would have a disc with lots of tracks to rip and I would go off and do other things while ripping. Coming back to the tool, it was unclear whether it had finished successfully or finished in error. Actually, I would know if an error had occurred (see point above); my point here is that there was no feedback when a rip had completed successfully and you have to dig around a bit to find out. So, a summary feedback mechanism in the UI of overall rip status/quality would be beneficial IMHO (see feature requests, below).

* I like the ability to have multiple drives with multiple offsets enabled in Preferences and Rip auto-recognizes. Nice.

* I like the richness of the tagging compared to other standalone rippers.

* Multi-session disks are consistently handled well (this is probably not news; however, I've had problems with XLD that can depend on the drive used).

Problems experienced/Other Observations
* Severe sector re-reads ended up with the beach-ball of death after a period of time (it seemed to eventually time out and hang itself). Recovery was not possible and force-quit was necessary. I cannot currently use Rip for discs that have problems.

* I load meta-data from iTunes. Auto-reading of meta-data only worked on the first disc new to Rip after Rip was started. It's somewhat difficult to repeat, but most subsequent disks that had not yet been read by Rip did not auto-load meta-data.

* Pre-gap on first track was almost always 2:00. XLD on the same disc would almost always report a pre-gap on the first track of 0:00. Offsets were the same in these cases.

* Modification of meta-data in the header UI is not respected. The output uses the original meta-data.

* If a modification to meta-data has been made, the logfile appears to use the modified album name for output, but the path does not exist for it and it produces an error.

* ISRC values: the first three characters (i.e. the CC-X portion) appear to be invalid . Examples:

Rip: H2JO29771418
XLD: USRO29771418

Rip: ;S]M70500119
XLD: AUUM70500119

* "Copy Verified" in the logfile would sometimes not contain any confidence values, even though other tracks would and the disc was available in AccurateRip db. I could track this down to when different offset values were used to match a track when using XLD - the XLD log would display the different offset values and subsequent matching confidence level. This would correspond with tracks that would only say "Copy verified" but no confidence value when using Rip.

Feature Requests
* I like the handling of compilation discs: the output uses ALBUMARTIST instead of ARTIST. However, it would be nice to have a configuration option that allowed the grouping of compilations by ARTIST or by ALBUMARTIST, depending on a user's preference.

* Concurrent, multiple-encoder output.

* Enable encoder format specifier e.g. "%f" to support multi-encoder output. Additionally, %f to respect nicknames of encoders if they are implemented similar to Max (this allows for user-specifiable format output).

* Pre-select all tracks for ripping by default on disc load.

* The dock icon bounces a lot. In fact, it bounced all the time during a rip unless I clicked on it. It distracted me. I'd like the option to switch that off.

* In-pane, multi-track selection e.g. options to select/deselect all

* UI indicator that rip is complete and level of success.

* Output log filename user-specifiable, using format specifiers similar to encoders.

* Output log file realtime. I realize this might not be possible. However, I'm sad enough to want to see the rip progress in the log file (tail -f anyone?).

Thanks very much for Rip - I look forward to its GA.
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Re: Initial experiences

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mookr wrote:Hi,

Problems experienced/Other Observations
* Severe sector re-reads ended up with the beach-ball of death after a period of time (it seemed to eventually time out and hang itself). Recovery was not possible and force-quit was necessary. I cannot currently use Rip for discs that have problems.
Tried ripping a couple of disks and this seems to be a reoccuring problem for about half of them. Not sure why, but it always seems to do that one the last song.
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