My initial impressions

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My initial impressions

Post by chris5s » Mon Dec 29, 2008 11:27 pm

these are my brief impressions, no criticism. I haven't read all other posts yet, so there may be some issues described that have already been resolved.

Initial Impression:
Enabled check for updates, said you're using 1.0bp2, 1.0bp1 is available
Editing metadata isn't obvious unless the edit metadata button is present in the toolbar (I was expecting some kind of menu item in the edit menu)
What really isn't obvious: how to actually rip a CD? Copy Tracks could better be named "rip tracks"
Hit the 64bit bug, had to reboot my late 2008 MB (2.0 Ghz, 4GB RAM)...
Starting in 32bit mode I was asked to determine the read offset for the drive (that didn't happen in 64bit mode)
Detected 0 possible read offsets, now all I could do was clicking cancel. There should be some kind of explanation on what is going on here.
The disc I had in the drive at that time was Marcus Miller Live and More. I then put in RHCP Californication, removed the drive from the preferences and restartet Rip, now it determined an offset close to the one given for my drive at
It would have been nice to retrigger determination of the drive offset from within the program instead of having to remove the drive from the preferences.
Going back to the prefs/advanced tab I got this:
1st entry
--------- --------- ----------- ---------- -661 x yes (dashes = blank entries)
2nd entry
HL-DT-ST DVDRW GS21N Internal Serial ATA ----- x yes

In other words: a read offset for a "blank" nonexisting drive and no offset for the internal drive
very strange....

Several tracks from Californication could not be ripped (ripper tried to reextract sectors until I cancel it). The ones that got ripped didn't show the artwork in Finder (ripping to alac).

I'll post in more detail tomorow

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Re: My initial impressions

Post by chris5s » Wed Dec 31, 2008 10:49 am

I've been trying with different CDs and so far haven't had any success ripping a whole CD with Rip. Rip usually reads one, two or three tracks and then it hangs reextracting sectors until I interrupt it. Could someone lend me a helping hand here? I'm not really familiar with the underlying technology, but I suspect it has to do with those two entries for the internal drive that specify different read offsets.
TIA and whishing you all a good start into 2009

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Re: My initial impressions

Post by sbooth » Wed Dec 31, 2008 4:17 pm

If Rip is continually rereading sectors it means that it has not been able to get either 1) a copy of the track with a checksum matching AccurateRIp or 2) enough error-free matching copies of the desired sectors (which were previously marked as bad).

This likely means your CDs are a bit damaged or dirty- right now Rip doesn't have the concept of "good enough" when it comes to extraction. One option would be to turn off C2 for the drive- if a sector is returned as having a C2 error Rip will ignore the result.

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