How do you want bugs reported?

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How do you want bugs reported?

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I know you want a post at for bug reports, but I had some questions on how you want to handle them exactly. Do you just want a full bug report at User Voice? By full bug report, I mean steps to reproduce, crash logs, etc? Or should we just put a blurb there with a link to post in this forum for details? Or do you want to handle it some other way? Thanks.

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Re: How do you want bugs reported?

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Well, uservoice is something that I wanted to try in order to see how it would work. So far I think it's OK, but I'm not entirely thrilled. I like that users have the ability to vote issues up or down, but the bug tracking features seem to be a little lacking. I really like LaunchPad but I'm not ready to commit Rip to open source and I don't use bzr either. Trac is OK, but again not my favorite. I've even thought about going back to mantis, trying out Bugzilla, or another tracking system.

So, to answer your question, please at least post a short description on the But for now, extended discussion would probably fit best here.
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