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Discuss Rip, an open source accurate CD audio extractor.
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More wonderings

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CD information read by iTunes & Finder are contained in the file:
~/Library/preferences/CD Info.cidb
and once a particular CD's information is contained therein iTunes does not need to open for that information to be used. Such instances are when you use the CD for something other than iTunes. In my case I do all my CD info work using an app by the name of iCDc. It edits the above mentioned file. Once that file has a CD's information the next time Finder or XLD looks at a CD it is that information that shows. IOW you never have to load a CD into iTunes. But of course, when iTunes is next used it'll see that information.

So I'm wondering if Rip can be made to use it. It's pretty much moot if it is the first time a CD is ever input but very useful the next time.

It would be nice if Rip could remember windows sizes or at least auto drop down for CD's with a lot of tracks.

FWIW. I'm not into Cue files at all but do know that Rip's Cues do not look like EAC/XLD and so wonder how useful (unless you're building a burn app that would know exactly what to do with the way the info is formatted ).
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