converted files now named "01 Unknown Track" "02 Unknown...

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converted files now named "01 Unknown Track" "02 Unknown...

Post by ash75 »

Hello, been using Max for several years, and it's worked really, really well.

Found a problem recently. Normally, when I want to convert a folder of songs from FLAC to mp3, I can drop a few folders of music into Max, and it will spit out those same folders, named correctly, with the songs now converted, also named the same as what I dropped into the folder.

Now, I drop a folder of songs into Max, hit convert, and it creates the folders, but each song is now named "01 Unknown Track" "02 Unknown Track", etc.. It doesn't matter whether I use a custom naming convention in preferences or not. Oddly enough, it first happened a few weeks ago, and I gave up. I tried it again yesterday, and the bug was gone, but as soon as I plugged in my Android smartphone to my Mac Mini, using Android File Transfer application, it started with the "01 Unknown Track" thing again. Maybe it has to do with having an Android connected and/or having Android File Transfer app open, I don't know...

I rebooted my Mac, and ran Cocktail to clear caches, etc... Then I trashed my version of Max, downloaded a new one and it had the same problem, as well as coming up with my same preferences from the version I trashed, making me think that I need to trash a Mac file. I looked to see if I could trash the preferences, but I don't know how to find Max's preferences,

Does anyone know either how to trash preferences or how to fix this problem?

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Re: converted files now named "01 Unknown Track" "02 Unknown...

Post by sbooth »

Max's preference file is in ~/Library/Preferences/org.sbooth.Max.plist . The situation you describe is very odd- do the files end up with the proper tags and incorrect names, or are they missing tags as well?
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