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Max will not read can catalog disc 2 in a double CD set

Posted: Fri Feb 21, 2014 8:10 am
by Jmm007
I am trying to rip "The concert for Bangladesh" by George Harrison and friends. Disc 1 did fine. However, when I try to rip Disk 2, Max reads the disk and lists the tracks that were on Disc 1 even though Disc 2 is in the DVD/CD player. In other words it will not read Disc 2 tracks catalog list. How do I clear the history of Max? What am I doing wrong? I even identified the disk as Disc 2 of 2 in the encoding box. I tried searching Max forum but did not see the help I need.

PS. I hope that makes sense. And if I did miss this question as being asked, I apologize.