FLAC -> WAV recognized as MPEG

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FLAC -> WAV recognized as MPEG

Post by Mudrabear »

A friend received a FLAC directory I had created by first ripping AIFF files from vinyl and then converting to FLAC in Max. When he converted the files to WAV on a Win machine, his Audioidentifier widget identified the files as "90%" likely to be MPEGs. His ap could be wrong, but does this make any sense and does it have anything to do with metadata or settings I could change?

Is there an equivalent AudioIdentifier ap available for Os X?

Thanks for this amazing resource and a great product!
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Post by sbooth »

Is it possible they were identified as coming from MP3s because the vinyl source is suboptimal?

I don't know of any FLAC settings that could have caused this. Certainly there is nothing that would affect the losslessness of the process!
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Post by Maurits »

A popular way to flag MPEG source material is to look for frequencies above 16000 Hz. Bad MPEG encoders (used to) save space by not encoding all the higher frequencies.

If your vinyl source has poor high frequencies or somewhere in the transition phase there is a lowpass filter around 16KHz some analyzer could find that suspicious and flag for a possible MPEG source.

If you load the files into an audio editor and look at the higher (>16KHz) frequencies it may tell you whether it is likely in this case.

Just a thought.
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