White noise when converting WAV file

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White noise when converting WAV file

Post by djebelo »


I have been in the process of converting my vinyl collection to digital. I started with 16 bit/44.1 khz wav files. I was able to convert these files to mp3's using max with no problem.

But i changed my initial format to 24bit/44.1khz wav file. But once i attempted to convert these files all i get is white noise.

Is max capable of converting 24 bit audio directly to mp3?

Any help or feedback is much appreciated!

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Post by sbooth »

This should work- I just converted a 24-bit/48kHz FLAC to MP3 on my machine with no problems, and it played back correctly.

Are you on an Intel Mac? This sounds like an endian issue.
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Re: White noise when converting WAV file

Post by morris_minor »


I too have noise produced when converting a 24bit wav file into FLAC. I see there's an issue raised on this ( http://sbooth.org/tracker/view.php?id=342 ).

Will this be something that'll be fixed in the next release?

BTW I love using Max for CD rips to FLAC - so much nicer than EAC!!
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