max won't save tracks with certain titles

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max won't save tracks with certain titles

Post by dbcarlton »

(This really belongs in the issue tracker, but I was too lazy to create an account there as well; sorry.)

I just tried to rip a CD (to a collection of WAV files), and Max refused to save one of the tracks for me: it read the track off of the disk, but didn't get started writing it at all. The track was titled:

Eva Randová, Jana Jonasová, Dalibor Jedli?ka, Petr Dvorský, Marie Mrazová, Lucia Popp, Elisabeth Söderström, Wieslav Ochmann, Ivana Mixová, Vera Soukopová, Chor der Wiener Staatsoper, Wiener Philharmoniker, Sir Charles Mackerras / 3. Jednání: Chudátko

(actually, there was originally more stuff there, but I removed a few characters); when I renamed it to '(problems with title)', it saved fine.

Don't know if this is a Max problem or a filesystem limitation; if the latter, though, Max could have handled it more gracefully.

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Post by Maurits »

My bet is on the "/" being the source of this trouble.
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