can't eject cd if i close the cd window?

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can't eject cd if i close the cd window?

Post by johfiner » Fri Mar 24, 2006 11:06 am

when i put an audio cd in with max running, it opens a window that gives all the track information and whatnot. from there, i can click encode. today i accidentally closed that window after it had ripped but before i ejected the cd, and this made it impossible for me to eject the cd without exiting the program. it wouldn't show up as a mounted disc, and toast couldn't even eject it when i told it to try to burn to that cd.

AND, i was afraid if i closed the program, my 50+ song encoding queue would disappear, i'm not sure how that works

is there any fix for this? i opened up the cd by going to file > open > recent, but the ejct button was disabled

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Post by sbooth » Fri Mar 24, 2006 4:47 pm

There is no fix for this as of 0.5.5- Max keeps a lock on the CD the whole time it is in the drive.

The good news is that in the next version, 0.5.6 (should be out in a day or so), the keyboard eject key will work and you shouldn't have to go to such extremes for disc ejection. Max will continue to lock the drive down while ripping is in progress, but once ripping completes the disc will be ejectable again.

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