Random 3-second gaps in MP3s ripped from CDs

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Random 3-second gaps in MP3s ripped from CDs

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I'm getting silent gaps of 3 seconds (approximately, but not much longer, or much shorter) in 5 out of 60 (8%) of the MP3 tracks im listening to that i made last night from a few audio CDs. Its strange that the gaps seem to be consistently 3 seconds.

They are appearing within the tracks, sometimes a couple in a single track. Once (so far) at the beginning of a track. Playing through iTunes, and double checked on Quicktime. The gaps are in the same place on both players.

Some of the CDs are new, no scratches, etc. and some have very minor scratches. Any surface crud cleaned off before with ROR (Residual Oil Remover - great stuff mainly photo oriented, but useful for other plastic/glass, etc)

Re-ripping tracks (without even re-cleaning the CDs) takes care of the gaps. So it seems to be random.

Its driving me crazy!!! :-O :-)

Has anyone experienced this before? I just downloaded Max yesterday.

I'm ripping three CDs simultaneously with external burners via firewire. I totally love the multiple/simultaneous capability!

- Max Version 0.7.1
- VBR High, Stereo, Quality = 100, Standard VBR
- Basic Ripper
- 10 encoders
- auto album/track name acquire
- adding album artwork

Mac Quad G5
2 Plextor DVD/CD firewire
1 Yamaha CD firewire

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Post by sbooth »

If you are getting random imperfections in rips, I would switch to either the comparison or paranoia ripper. Both should be able to prevent these types of artifacts.

As far as which one to choose, there has been a lot of discussion on these forums on that topic. I personally feel that the comparison ripper is as good as the paranoia ripper, but some Max users disagree. I would try both and use the one you find creates the best rips.
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