"ExtAudioFileWrapAudioFileID failed" in 0.7

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"ExtAudioFileWrapAudioFileID failed" in 0.7

Post by sam »

I've been slowly *cough*converting all of my iTMS-purchased audio (after stripping the DRM) to OGG Vorbis (192kbps VBR) but with some M4As I get this error: 'An error occurred while encoding the file "01 - Cash Machine.ogg".' After hitting OK, Max crashes.

It doesn't happen with all of my M4As nor does it exclusively happen with DRM-stripped M4As. Sometimes it will happen with albums that just happen to have been ripped to M4A and most of the stripped M4As convert just fine. When it does happen though, it happens with every track from the same album.

For example, I bought a Tragically Hip album and a Hard-Fi album off iTunes on the same day. After stripping them both using the same technique at the same time the Hip album converts just fine but every track in the Hard-Fi album produces this error/crash combo.

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Re: "ExtAudioFileWrapAudioFileID failed" in 0.7

Post by Grumps »

I note that there has been no direct reply and alas I cannot help but I get the same error message when trying to convert iTunes Plus music files to FLAC. So far to get round this I burn a disc using iTunes and then rip the disc to FLAC using Max. Is this the only way?
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