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Utter n00b. I feel stupid asking this.

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:44 am
by Beast Of Bodmin
I have some FLAC files from a previous, pre-iMac and iPod ripping session.

I play the FLAC files via Logitech Squeezebox, which doesn't support AIFC. iTunes does not support FLAC so I need both formats.

I want to convert to AIFC and import to iTunes.

I drop the FLACs into MAx and the metadata are there.

I convert the FLAC files to AIFC.

I make the output files match the directory and format used by iTunes. But if I drag and drop the files or the folders into iTunes, the artist is Unknown Artist and the album is Unknown Album.

So I am doing something wrong. But I have no idea what.

Am I supposed to start from a CD to make this work?