The document "xxx.flacc" could not be opened.

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The document "xxx.flacc" could not be opened.

Post by SirReal »

I just downloaded Max, and have spent the last hour trying to make it work. Not a good sign. I am a software engineer, and have a fairly good knowledge of encoding formats, but Max has put me to shame. What I want to do is relatively simple. I have a series of .flac files that I want to convert to iTunes-acceptable format for a friend. I started by opening the files, and converting them to AAC, but the format I chose is not compatible with iTunes. So I decided to open them again and convert. This time, I get the following error on every file:

The document "xxx.flacc" could not be opened. The file does not have an embedded cue sheet.

Now can someone please explain to me why Max won't open the same files it just recently opened and converted? Restarting the application did nothing. I am at my wits end with this thing. Key word here: USABILITY! (or lack thereof)
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Re: The document "xxx.flacc" could not be opened.

Post by RonaldPR »

About the first problem, ending up with a non-compatible format: Maybe you chose AAC ADTS from the encoding list, while you probably intended to encode to Apple MPEG-4-audio (= AAC and Apple Lossless)?

I never encountered the second problem you mention. (I also never saw flac files with a .flacc extension.) Did you try to "Open" the file (with cmd-O) or did you choose "Convert Files" (shift-cmd-O)? The latter is were you start when you want to convert files.
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Re: The document "xxx.flacc" could not be opened.

Post by mattn »

Yes, I would echo what RonaldPR said. It does sound like your mistake is trying to "Open" the files with Max. That could mean you're trying to use File > Open, which is wrong; that's for cue files. What you want to do choose File > Convert Files. That gives you the file conversion window, and you drag the files in there and away you go.
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