converting AAC's not produced by iTunes

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converting AAC's not produced by iTunes

Post by foifoif » Sun Oct 15, 2006 9:46 pm


Max is what I was looking for to get all my AAC's converted in a very practical manner. Thanks to all.

but ...

I've tryed to convert a bunch of AAC files, produced by either iTunes (after importing a CD for instance) or Amadeus (well-known audio editor for mac os x) such as radio programs, vinyls that were digitalized and encoded as AAC with iTunes tags.

All is fine, except that some of these files are loosing their original filename during the 2-step process in Max. I explain : in the "converting" window, all filenames for all tracks are read properly. Then, in the "convert" window, the filename is read properly only if the file is from iTunes (hence, CD-imported). In contrast, the filename is lost in the encoding windows when the AAC is from another software such as Amadeus. In that case, such tracks are all renamed "unknown track", whatever their original names. The saved file on the hard drive has also lost its original filename and is now something like "unknown track 01.m4a" (and I can get thousands of these unknown tracks". However, the other tags are kept (artist, image, composer, type etc). Only the track filename is lost and replaced by "unknown track".

(both types of AAC files are encoded at 256 kbps, same other setttings; they are all properly read, played in iTunes and synchronized on the ipod). The only difference is that there is a tag in the iTunes-converted-files that mentions that they were encoded by Quicktime and iTunes; by contrast to these by Amadeus that has no such tag).

Maybe there is a string that is not shared well between the converting and encoding subroutines ?

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Post by sbooth » Mon Oct 16, 2006 1:01 am

This is probably two issues in one. First off, I assume you are using Max 0.6.1. If this is the case, that version does not allow preservation of the input filenames. If you want to preserve the filenames, you will need to use the unstable version (which is actually semi-stable at this point).

The other issue (the one of "Unknown Track") is related to the tags in the files. Could you post the file structure and metadata (using AtomicParsley) for a non-iTunes encoded file? If this is too much trouble, you could also send me an exemplar. This would help for troubleshooting.

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