No MP3 output produced - broken app v 0.6.1

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No MP3 output produced - broken app v 0.6.1

Post by passerby406 »

Trying to rip CDs
Mac OS X 10.4.7 on PowerPC G5
with all Apple hotfixes and updates

Basic problem: Nice program that doesn't work. Cannot get ANY music files to disk.

I don't use Apple "Music" or similar OS folders (yuk). I don't want to integrate with iTunes.

Set output to another folder on my disk. Typed CD album data by hand. I do not want freedb data since they are dying. Selected MP3 encoding and made it default with the checkbox. MP3 was the ONLY format I put in the list.

Encoding seemingly went along fine, there were disk whirls and percentage progress bars in the Ripping window. But in the end there were no files.

I noticed several bug reports relating to disk output. One suggested to uncheck/recheck the MP3 format, which I tried, to no effect. Others indicated folder/file creation problems relating to file layout and naming conventions.

Even more annoying, after the failure to produce any files, I was not "allowed" by Max to try again since the Encode button was dimmed and the track list was also dimmed.

Some of these bugs may be fixed in code -- but not in 0.6.1. I would suggest a "beta" release build once a week or so to roll in bugfixes. Especially critical stuff like this. It can be automated.
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Post by krmathis »

I compile and share trunk builds from SVN at a regular basis.
Just take a look in the Development forum. ;)

Please report back if it is still a problem.
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