Problem creating iTunes playable files

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Problem creating iTunes playable files

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Hello Max Users,

I know this problem has been reported before by others. I have many (many) CD tracks ripped as FLAC files. I am trying to use Max to convert them to the Apple Lossless format so that iTunes can play them. Under Max->Preferences->Formats I have selected MPEG4 Audio (Apple Lossless) as the output format. I test the encoding process by encoding a CD's worth of FLAC files and saving them in the public/music directory of my network attached storage device which runs Bonjour to act as an iTunes server. When I open iTunes on my MacBook and navigate to the remote iTunes library, some but not all of the converted tracks appear in the iTunes browser window. When I click on one of the newly encoded tracks (which should be in Apple Lossless format) nothing plays. In fact, I get an exclamation point "!" in the first column of the iTunes application window. According to iTunes help this means the file cannot be found. When I look at the file using the Finder, it appears to be in the correct place. When I select info on a converted track iTunes tells me the kind of tracks is "MPEG-4 audio file (remote)". I have a few downloaded MP3 format files in the same directory, and they play just fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions to solve this problem or know if anything else I can use to diagnose the issues?

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