Fix for those wanting JPEGs in FLAC files

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Re: Fix for those wanting JPEGs in FLAC files

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This is interesting and useful.

Back to the original post - I'm looking to add album art to all my (10,000 or so) flac files. Currently all the album art is stored as folder.jog in each album's own folder. (I moved to Mac last year).

The metaflac script looks like it will do the trick, but only one folder/album at a time - even though the first post clearly shows that all individuals tracks would receive the update.

But what about a script that runs through all folders in a directory, and updates each track's ID3 (or PICTURE area within the flac file) with the jpg found in the album's own folder?

I've been used to MediaMonkey on a PC, which pretty obviously just uses the folder.jpg approach (which I believe is a Windows thing). Same with Sonos, my player. But on the Mac I'm using a combo of Max and EasyTag, and XLD to get the flac's converted to Apple Lossless for my iDevices.

Would appreciate any thoughts!
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