Adding to iTunes renames ogg files

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Adding to iTunes renames ogg files

Post by ddougan »

I have now encoded two CDs via Max (I've recently moved to Mac from Linux) and although Max seemed to mostly run fine, creating the ogg files as I would expect, it didn't add a playlist to iTunes on the first CD (I switched it off for the second to help determine if it was part of the issue I'm about to describe).

After I saw that no playlist was added, I used the iTunes "Add to Library" option to add the album to iTunes. During this process, iTunes renamed all the files, stripping the track number and my added dash (e.g. 01 - Track Name). It also did not use the track number tag nor the genre tag, both of which should have been brought in.

I have a few dozen albums in ogg format that I brought into iTunes when I set up my Mac. None of these had their file names changed and their tags came over OK too. Am I missing something in configuring Max (0.8.1)? I'm on OS X 10.5.4.


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Re: Adding to iTunes renames ogg files

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May be worth telling which additional software you use.
Cause as you know iTunes don't support the Ogg container out-of-the-box. ;)
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