Converted files duplicated in iTunes?

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Converted files duplicated in iTunes?

Post by Cartroo »

I'm fairly new to iTunes, macs and Max, so please excuse my ignorance.

I've got a fairly large collection of OGG files I'd like to convert to MP3 and import them into iTunes, so I can transfer them to my iPhone. Max seems like the perfect tool to do this, and I've had some success, but with my current settings I appear to get two copies of the output file - one in the Music folder (as is specified in the output settings), and one under Music/iTunes (which is presumably a side effect of the import into iTunes - I have Add output files to iTunes library selected).

As it happens, I don't need this music anywhere other than iTunes - I'm happy for it to use its own folder for it, and for that to be the only copy (since I'm keeping my OGG originals safe somewhere else). However, I can't seem to find the appropriate configuration for Max and/or iTunes to achieve this. Is there a way to get Max to only add the output files to iTunes, and not any other directory?

Also, a quick question on album art - I'm working on the assumption that this adds the graphic to the MP3s themselves, as part of the ID3 tags or something like that. This seems a little wasteful given that all tracks on the same album have the same art. Is there a better way to do this, which shares the same graphic among multiple files, or is it just something to learn to live with? If the latter is true, that's fine, but I thought it was worth asking.

Any advice on either of the above would be very much appreciated.

Finally, thanks for creating such a polished application!

EDIT: As a quick aside, I also wondered whether people had an opinion on whether I should encode them as AAC instead? These really are purely for the purposes of iTunes, and it seems to be a more advanced codec, from what I can tell?
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