osx10.5.2 cd->flac img & itunes 7.7.1 mp3s w/ 0.8.1

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osx10.5.2 cd->flac img & itunes 7.7.1 mp3s w/ 0.8.1

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I've spent all night playing around with max, xld and itunes, sadly to no avail. love the idea and the app, but it's not working for me:

what i'd like is to be able to go through my large cd collection ripping one cd after another, the net result for each rip being

1. Music->src->[artist]->[album]->albumName.flac
2. Music->iTunes->iTunes Music->[artist]->[album]->[mp3 tracks in 320kb]

with no intermediate steps at all.

Can I therefore ask

a. max writes one file (my flac request) from the cd, but it's called 'Multiple Files.flac' and i cannot specify the output filename?
ok, I can deal with that as the flac is, for me, merely a backup and it is put in a tree so the subsequent files don't overwrite and are organised.

b. in the ripper tab i select rip to single file to get my flac backup, but then i get all the album as one mp3 too. is there a way to automatically split mp3s but not the flac and get those mp3s into itunes in one go? i'm saying this as max's iTunes->Add output files to iTunes Library implies what ever is encoded gets put into itunes but i wouldn't want to put a whole album as an mp3 into itunes, i'd want the album broken into tracks. i'd like to maintain a flac+cues file whole in case i need to rewrite the cd as it was sold to me (ie. i get robbed).

c. max 0.8.1 encodes the first mp3 (which as of (b), is a whole album as an mp3), goes to import it into itunes, then i get an error i've seen others see, in Ticket #46 http://trac.sbooth.org/Max/ticket/46:

An error occurred while tagging the file " Multiple Tracks.mp3".
iTunes got an error: A descriptor type mismatch occurred.

ok - note not "Multiple Tracks-1.mp3" ie doesn't look like a file name conflict.
i followed the comments on the ticket, and unchecked the "Keep iTunes Music folder organized" check box in itunes. i didn't see any difference. note i'm repeatedly throwing away the mp3s (which *are* encoded and *do* go into itunes) in order to have a clean tree for itunes to copy into with each test. i also checked "Fall back to album tags if track tags unset" in max as the ticket says. still no joy.

whats the problem? the fact that i've got several thousand tracks, and don't want to click ok that many times to get my tunes in.

am i way off here? i'm using a brand new mac pro with 10.5.2 and itunes 7.7.1 which i'm starting to suspect is the problem.

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