iTunes Sharing of ALAC doesn't work

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Re: thanks for the info

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herman wrote:Is "pathtotrack" just the path to the directory where the files exist, or does this command need to be run and include the file name for each and every track? With over 1000 CDs and probably 10,000 tracks I can't type in the command line for every track.

As far as I remember, it is the path to the actual file. I just had a few files to fix up so it wasn't a problem for me to run the command on individual files.

I'm not sure what facilities AtomicParsley provides for bulk processing of files, but if it doesn't, you may be able to combine it with another terminal command. For example, the find command can search through a directory structure to find files meeting certain criteria and there is a find -exec option to execute another command on the files found. However I haven't tried combining find with AtomicParsley.

I'm definitely not a Unix guru and really not very knowledgeable about the Mac terminal so I'd recommend you post a query on the AtomicParsley forum here.

I found them very helpful when I had some questions.
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I made a decision

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Thanks to everyone for their input. I decided to convert the files with iTunes. I have a total of about 2000 CDs ripped, about half with Max and the rest with iTunes. They are mixed up in about 700 Gig across three 300 gig hard drives so it was very hard to just pick out which were done with Max and which with iTunes.

I could see which were done with Max in the iTunes the library by looking at the bit rate, Max files are unknown and iTunes have a rate, but then I would have to go find them on the hard drives and move the ones that weren't and convert the ones that were. It seemed easier to just convert them all into a new drive.

I put 3 other 300 gig drives in a spanned array with my Mini to make a 900 gig drive, selected all the songs in my iTunes library, and told iTunes to convert them into Apple lossless and store them in the spanned drives. When it is done I'll delete the library since it adds the new files as it goes and all songs will in there twice, and then add the new files to the library.

It's going to take probably 2 days for the Mini to convert everything but all I have to do is wait.
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nothingt to solve the issue but here's my feedback:
same issue when files are shared with mt-daapd on my synology NAS (cannot play max encoded songs, itunes encoded songs are fine)
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I was wrong

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I was wrong, it took a little over 5 days to re-encode all of my files.
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Hmmm... anybody want to post a quick how-to using AtomicParsley and that ID Infiltr8 program? Would be nice to know how to bulk process a group of folders.
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