0.6.1 Ripping & Encoding Slowdown Problem / Log files

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0.6.1 Ripping & Encoding Slowdown Problem / Log files

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New user to Max here. PowerBook G4 550 10.4.6 768MB RAM Superdrive

I'm having the same problem as this guy here: http://sbooth.org/tracker/view.php?id=108 using Max 0.6.1.

After ripping about 10/17 tracks from a CD, Max started running extremely slowly and using up a lot of CPU %. It hadn't quite crashed, but was taking about 15 seconds to respond to anything I did in the app. It said it had about 30 minutes left to rip the track it was on. Once I cancelled the ripping and encoding it started running smoothly again. It was set up to use cdparanoia and encode to FLAC Level 8, encoding only one file at a time. I found Max 0.5.6 and tried it, it worked just fine with the same settings. Ripped a CD in about 15 minutes. Any idea what this problem is?

Also, I had been using xACT before Max, recently upgraded to Tiger figured I'd try Max out. Max is better in basically every way, I love that it rips and encodes at the same time and adds tag info automatically. The one big problem I have is the lack of a log file. I know there is a log, but it generated a 3MB text file for the log of one CD with details on every sector. xACT generates a much more concise log. People like a log file to accompany FLAC files, and for this reason alone I'm going to stick with xACT for ripping for now, even though it is more cumbersome to use. Max is a great program though, thanks developers and thanks for Tag as well! Keep up the great work.

P.S. Is Max trying to develop into an EAC equivalent for Mac? I've never used EAC but it seems to be the adopted standard, would be nice to feel like I can produce the same results on a Mac. Do Max/xACT produce the same quality rips as EAC? Thanks
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