Cannot find "ripped" files

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Cannot find "ripped" files

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I just downloaded and installed Max and very enthusiastically put the CD in the drive of Powerbook G4 and began the process. Prior to starting I went to preferences and set it up so I had a separate directory into which I wanted the ripped files to go. I tried the format button to insure that the settings there were what I wanted; but, I get no satisfaction, as the song says. I am running Leopard and presume that the latest release 0.7.1 works under this environment. I read somewhere of a beta release .0.8. Where would I find that if in fact that is the only release that works with Leopard. Would very much appreciate some feedback and guidance...I am obviously missing something. Many thanks!!
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Re: Cannot find "ripped" files

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See this thread for the latest unstable version that works on Leopard.
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