CD Number only if it exists?

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CD Number only if it exists?

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I use the following string to name my output files:

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{albumArtist}/{albumTitle} [{fileFormat}]/{discNumber}-{trackNumber} {trackTitle}
Output is either:

2-01 Foo.mp3

(if the cd number field is set, for example to 2)


-01 Foo.mp3 (if it is not set.)

Is it possible to have the output string different (no dash) IF discNumber is null?

This way I'd get
01 Foo.mp3 (if the discNumber tag isn't set.)

I'd rather have my multi-disc sets in one folder, with filenames numbered like 1-01, 2-01, than have a seperate folder for each disc, if possible. But if I am dealing with a single disc, there is no need for the prefix.

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