New Mac user needs LOTS of to use Max

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alex in nc
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New Mac user needs LOTS of to use Max

Post by alex in nc »

I have to start out by saying that I am pretty computer and tech challenged. I am not even really sure what cd ripping is, that is how clueless I am.

I want to be able to zip/rip a whole CD from my Itunes program and I was wondering if there were specific instructions on how to do this anywhere. I read through all the old posts that I thought might help and still didn't understand what to do. Plus, I found out that even the people who claimed to need help or not know what they are doing, still know way more than me.

Can I be helped?
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Re: New Mac user needs LOTS of to use Max

Post by RonaldPR »

I do not understand what you mean with "zip/rip a whole CD from my Itunes program".

Max can do two different things:
1. Rip a CD
2. Encode audio files

'Ripping a CD' means getting the music off a CD, a actual silvery disk, and save the files on your computer in the chosen audio file format. This will usually include encoding into the chosen format.
You can thus play music on your computer or on a MP3 player (or iPod) without the actual CD disk.

Encoding can be used to encode existing audio files on your computer into a different audio format. The existing files will be preserved untouched.
One will want to encode into a different format for different reasons. For instance large WAV or AIFF files can be encoded into a smaller lossless compressed format or even smaller lossy format (like MP3) so they will occupy less storage space. Lossless formats are suitable for archiving music without loosing any of the original quality, lossy formats are more suitable for MP3 players or for streaming music (over a network or the internet) because of the smaller files.
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