some discs lock up my Mac Mini

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some discs lock up my Mac Mini

Post by herman »

I have a number of discs that have a final track that MAX says is data. I assume it has some multimedia stuff or somthing that can be interpreted by a computer rather than a CD player. In any case when MAX encounters these tracks while ripping it locks up the Mini. I can't force it to quit MAX or my disk utility and I end up having to shut down and reboot. My concern is that I am storing corrupted data on my drives and the fact that I bought the Apple thinking I could avoid all the problems with Windows locking up for no apparent reason.

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Post by shanecavanaugh »

Max can't handle Enhanced CDs (CDs with data and music) at the moment. The developer's working on a new ripping engine which I think might fix the problem. Until then don't rip Enhanced CDs with Max.

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