Max not working with an external drive

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Max not working with an external drive

Post by Dcislander »

I am having an issue with Max and a new external Iomega CD drive. This is a similar problem to another recent posting, but different enough to warrant a new topic.

When I place a Cd in the drive, Max sees it and get the track list. I then hit select all and encode. The drive begins to spin, then spins down and stalls. In the Ripper window, the forst track says "ripping" but there is no progress, the Cd is not spinning and cannot even be ejected.

The drive works perfectly with all other programs, including playing CDs on Itunes. Anyone have any idea how/why Max would not be compatable with an external iomega?

Thanks for lending me your brains.
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Post by sbooth »

This is puzzling!

I know Max works with external drives in general. There is nothing inside of Max that looks for specific hardware in order to apply corrections or special settings.

Not helpful, I know. I will try to make a debug build with a lot of console output that might be helpful.

Speaking of the console, is there anything logged there by Max?
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Re: Max not working with an external drive

Post by Dcislander »

Sorry it has taken me so long to work on this. The external drive issue is still happening and is very puzzling on this end also. I tried changing computers to see if it was a CPU issue, but it is the same. Specs: Using an Iomega CDDVD482416E23 CD-RW drive. I am also on an Apple MacBookPro X10.4. Mac works perfectly when using the system drive.
This is what happens when I put a CD in the iomega drive:
1. CD spins and shows up with tags in both Itunes and a Max window.
2. I select all tracks and hit encode.
3. The CD spins in the drive and track 1 shows up in the Max window as phase: "Ripping" remaining "Queued"
4. Within 10 seconds the Cd stops spinning and the nothing at all happens.
5. The Iomega drive becomes immobilized and will not eject or respond, even after I quit out of Itunes and Max.
6. The only way to get the CD out is to disconnect the power and start over.

Now the odd thing. When I do not have Max open and simply control the Iomega drive via Itunes, it works perfectly, playing tracks, advancing tracks and importing tracks.

I cannot figure out why Max is killing the CD drive. Any ideas at all? I am about 200 CD's into a 2000 Cd collection and I can feel my internal drive losing it already.

Thanks much for any help.
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