? info be imported to iTunes library when ripping WAV ?

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I was somewhat confused. Now, I am not.

a. Rip to FLAC for archival purposes. FLAC because it is an open-source standard. I save my FLAC files (along with artwork (i.e., album cover) and lyrics) on 2 separate hard drives.
b. Don't save the .wav files. No point. FLAC takes half the space and allows some metadata to be associated with the file, while WAV does not.

2. Rip to ALAC for playing on your stereo today. Not for archival storage because you never know what Apple will do with the format in the future. I would consider ALAC my "throwaway" format. Same as MP3 or AAC, even though ALAC is lossless.

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Understood, but I'll take my chances. Even though hard drives are relatively cheap, I plan to have a terabyte or so of music when I'm done. Add another terabyte for backup and 2 more for another format with backup and it will add up.

I also plan to sell my CDs at the local used shop before they become wortheless.

happy ripping
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