APE -> MP3 tags - last character missing

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APE -> MP3 tags - last character missing

Post by benitox »

After editing tags in APE files using Tag, Max seems to be losing the very last character in every tag field when converting. Name, Title, Date, Track number, Total Track #, Genre — you name it, every last character is missing!

The same is occurring with other conversions - eg mp3@320->mp3@192
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Re: APE -> MP3 tags - last character missing

Post by dlipofsky »

This is reported in the issue tracker, but despite being marked as fixed
I still see it in 0.7.1 and current unstable version (svn revision 1213, 0.7.2b)
I opened a new bug for it.

http://sbooth.org/tracker/view.php?id=163 (old bug, marked fixed)
http://sbooth.org/tracker/view.php?id=321 (new bug I just opened)
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