Files Corrupted after trying to Convert Them

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Files Corrupted after trying to Convert Them

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I have a huge problem. I have interviews for a documentary recorded with quicktime 7, but since my editing program wouldn't take the files directly I decided to convert them. I always thought max did nothing to the source files but apparantly I'm wrong. The original format of the recording is .mov , but in order to import in garagaband, where I did some basic sound editing on some tracks I renamed to .mp3 . The recorded format is, according to quicktime, .aac (h264, i recorded audio only)). Now I dragged all the renamed .mp3 files to max and got only a file with a very short loud noise out of it for each track. I thought this was just a failed attempt but when i tried to play the files again somewhere else NONE of them played anymore. When i took a look I saw the last edited date was changed to the time I had dragged them to Max. The file sizes are still normal, so I hope the information must be somewhere still. Is there anyway I could retrieve these interviews?

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Re: Files Corrupted after trying to Convert Them

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Did you try changing the extension back to .mov from .mp3? It seems likely that whatever player you're using is trying to play the files as an MP3, not as a QT Movie.
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