FLAC spotlight importer problems

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Re: FLAC spotlight importer problems

Post by sbooth »

A case of UTI conflict! I would say that 'org.perian.flac' is the incorrect UTI for FLAC files, because FLAC is not Perian's own format. I use 'org.xiph.flac' in my apps as the FLAC UTI. In any case, that doesn't help solve your problem.

The first thing I would try would be using the Finder to set a default application to open .flac files that uses a correct UTI for FLAC- Max or Play, for example.

If that doesn't work I would try duti which uses LaunchServices to set the default handler.
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Re: FLAC spotlight importer problems

Post by dglow »

Duti did the trick. Spotlight will search my FLACs now - many thanks! :)
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Re: FLAC spotlight importer problems

Post by mpsrig »

Hey guys,

After experiencing the same org.perian.flac problem, I fixed the problem very simply by rebuilding LaunchServices with Onyx after temporarily uninstalling Perian. Since I am on a 64 bit snow leopard machine, the plugin still does not work. I tried to recompile it for 64 bit using the 1.0 source but got compile errors. Could you give this a look, I'm sure a real programmer can take care of this quickly. Or at least upload the 1.1 working source.
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