Where's the metadata?

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Where's the metadata?

Post by vitaminDUCK »

New to Max... Before converting an entire music library, I've been experimenting with one album (11 tracks) currently in AIFF, with Title, Album, Artist, Track No., Genre, Compilation and album art embedded (iTunes recognizes the data when adding this album to its Music Library.

In Max's Prefs, I selected "MPEG4 Audio (Apple Lossless)" in Formats. I dragged the album to the File Conversion window and converted (took about 15 seconds to convert the tracks). However, manually adding the converted tracks to iTunes' Music Library preserves only the track name. I imagine I could re-enter all the info in Max's flyout window, but the idea is to preserve the data already embedded in the AIFF file(s).

Am I missing a step here? I have several hundred albums to convert, and I'd probably not use Max if I have to re-enter all the specifics. Where or how can I tell Max to preserve the metadata? (Or, am I even asking the right question?)
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Re: Where's the metadata?

Post by sbooth »

Max currently doesn't read embedded ID3 chunks in AIFF, sorry. If you are converting to Apple Lossless only iTunes might be a more suitable choice in this case.
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