Creating, Mounting an Audio Disc Image

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Creating, Mounting an Audio Disc Image

Post by wgrisaitis »

Hello, Max folk. I have used max for probably the past 18 months or so and finally have a question.

With my CD ripping, I really enjoy Max for its encoding and user friendly image, etc. But xACT, when I rip to wav, gives me a full output report of the rip. This for me is really important sometimes, since just today, for instance, I was ripping a CD and one of the tracks had more than 10000 errors in the rip, and xACT let me know. I then ejected the CD, and noticed a big smear of guck, cleaned it off, re-ripped, and got a perfect rip.

In Max, I wouldn't have ever known, I don't think... But for everything else, I really think that Max is hands-down better than xACT.

What I've been trying to do is, after ripping a CD to wav files in xACT, I want to be able to make a disc image of that audio CD and mount it. Once mounted, Max or iTunes would recognize it as an Audio CD. iTunes would get the metadata (which music brains hardly ever has, unfortunately) which I would then send over to the Max window for the CD using the nifty Applescript from the Max forum section. Then I'd use Max as usual, encoding to FLAC for storage and MP3 for iTunes/Pod - and keeping all the beautiful metadata.

To do this I followed the steps on this site. The problem is, after I've saved the disc image, Toast can't mount it. I get an error (Mac OS error 192). I tried making disc images from both wav files or flac files, both to no avail.

Any words?

And thanks, sbooth, for Max!
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Re: Creating, Mounting an Audio Disc Image

Post by sbooth »

I'm not quite sure what an error code of 192 means- the closest I've found -192, which means "Resource Not Found" which doesn't make sense in this case.

Does the error happen consistently with only one disc or is it with multiple discs?
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