Lossless CD archiving

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Re: Lossless CD archiving

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Re: Lossless CD archiving

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For those of you with an Intel Mac that can run Windows, consider EAC if you have good (audiophile) audio equipment and want the possibly the best:

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Re: Lossless CD archiving

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Late to the party but relevant nonetheless. My methodology, for anyone interested:

http://portablediner.blogspot.com/2010/ ... chive.html
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Re: Lossless CD archiving

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Do you really feel there is a difference between 16-bit .wav and 16-bit .aif? I recently had my Mac Mini stolen, so I bought a new one. I'm going to re-upload a bunch of my CDs, and I was trying to figure out which format was best. I was considering AIFF, but I might go with WAV based on your comment.
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