Relationship between Play and Cog?

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Relationship between Play and Cog?

Post by gsnixon »

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere on the site or the forums.

What is the relationship between Play and Cog? Is Play the sucessor of Cog? Is it based on the Cog codebase? Or has Cog been abandoned, and Play written from ground-up?
Or do they coexist, and there is some fundamental difference in fuctionality that I'm missing?

Thanks for clearing this up if you can -- the site makes reference to both these applications, and its quite confusing to me.

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Post by sbooth »

Play is written by me, Stephen F. Booth, owner and operator of

Cog is written by Vincent Spader.

In an effort to consolidate the presence of OS X open source audio applications on the web, the Cog forums were moved here and the Cog wesbite was redesigned to match the scheme used by Tag and Max. This is probably the source of the confusion.

Play is an original work, with code written entirely by me (Stephen). It is in no way derived from Cog

So other than the forums being hosted on the same site, Play and Cog are two completely different products from two different developers.
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