Isn't Play Open Source ?

Discuss the development and future direction of Play.
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Isn't Play Open Source ?

Post by bichenoubi »

I know the creator/lead-developer of Play (Stephen) has other main focus for the moment so he cannot actively develop Play.
But, Play being a popular (I'm maybe wrong) player among lossless music listeners on Mac (ok, not so big population), I (still) find it hard to believe there is nobody else wanting to join to develop it. I know Mac open source community is not the same than Linux one, but still. And before anyone ask, no, I don't know about programming.
So, wouldn't it be a good idea to try to create a team of developers around Play ?
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Re: Isn't Play Open Source ?

Post by dkagedal »

Asking such question really doesn't fill any purpose. Something will only happen if someone actually scratches the itch and does something.

I downloaded the source but realized I need to read up on Objective C and the Mac APIs before I can really do something useful.
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