Batch Metadata editing feature request

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Batch Metadata editing feature request

Post by kosmo »

Would it be possible to do batch Metadata editing with Applescript similar to some of the functionality provided by Doug's Apple Scripts for iTunes? While those scripts they don't update the ID3 tags directly only the info in the iTunes library unless you go through another step.

I download a lot of Various Artists compilations from eMusic and they are tagged in this format

Title is listed as "Song Title - Artist Name" and Artist is then entered typically as "Various Artist".

It would be great to get the ability to parse via a script the Title tag and put the artist name into the proper field.
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Re: Batch Metadata editing feature request

Post by mute_dammit »

Right now (with a little energon and a lot of luck) Play's tracks and their metadata can be edited via applescript. I looked at a couple of the scripts from Doug's Magic Wafflebat for iTunes, and it seems like the one thing they need that Play doesn't provide is the list of currently selected tracks. If you had that list, could you do what you wanted?
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Re: Batch Metadata editing feature request

Post by stringfellow »

did you find the metadata added/edited via applescript doesn't actually get saved to the file's ID3 tags?
setting the comment works for the session but in order to commit it permanently one has to click the meatadata->resave in the context menu for the track... which sort of defeats the point of applescripting it!

any clues?
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