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Simpler Play

Post by hoheyt »

i just made some little changes in Play's interface files and i want to share with you guys.

it looks like this:


also you can resize it like this too:


if you want it you can grab the .nib file here

to install go applications/ ctrl-click and select "show package contents" then /contents/resources/english.lproj copy the original "AudioLibrary.nib" to your Documents or another safe place for backing it up. and then drag and drop the other AudioLibrary.nib, start play.

i can't know what will happen it may crash or do something bad but it works fine with me, just backup the original file.
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Re: Simpler Play

Post by SciFi »

hoheyt wrote:[…]Image[…]
Is it possible to change the highlighting half-line as shown in the 2nd line (“Valerie’s Friend … 6:29”)? A few weeks ago I & others complained about the way it seems to “corrupt” the look of the fonts used (posted in another thread here somewhere). Thanks for the tweaks.
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