Linear PCM format

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Linear PCM format

Post by Casey »

Is there support for metadata import with Linear PCM files like CAF or AIFF interpolated to 24 or 32 / 96 or 192? It doesn't come through when I add the files to the library.
Also, sort of a crazy question, but your player sounds a lot better than itunes, even with the same files, why is that or am I just hearing what I want to?
I think the development direction should be toward an "audiophile" player, simple and elegant. (not the swiss army knife, all in one toaster/ coffee maker itunes has become)
The G-Force visualizer integration would be nice too.
Thanks for all your work
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Post by sbooth »

There currently is no support for metadata import with PCM or CAF files. This is something I plan on adding in the future.

As far as sounding better, this is a possibility. What kind of files do you believe sound better? Play decodes MP3s to 24-bit resolution using MAD, Vorbis to 16-bit resolution, and everything else to its native bit depth. So a 24/96 FLAC is passed directly to the audio hardware as 24/96. The same thing applies for ALAC and other lossless/PCM formats.

Without an ABX test, though, I can't say for sure. I do not know how iTunes handles non 16-bit/44.1 internally.
Paul Gotch
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Post by Paul Gotch »

sbooth wrote: As far as sounding better, this is a possibility.
I could just be as simple as play not having a software volume control in the audio path. Most people don't realise that it's preferable to keep the gain at unity all the way until the volume knob on the amplifer.

Also many people might have iTunes "Sound Enhancer" switched on which applies lord knows what DSP processing to the output.
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