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Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2012 8:02 am
by FamousMortimer
I got Play on the recommendation of a few hardcore Mac users. Seems good so far...

The one problem seems to be tagging. I took ages to sort out the tags before (I have an external hard drive, used on a PC In the past) and now it seems that half my music files aren't tagged properly again. So, I tried to edit metadata on them, and...nothing. They didn't change in the Play listing, no matter how many or how few files I tried it with.

I appreciate I've been using it for about an hour, so there may be something I'm missing. But if I'm having this problem, then there might be other people who are too, and people who could help us. I've downloaded MusicBrainz and it's scanning my files at the moment, but it doesn't scream user-friendliness to me.

Anyway, hints and tips would be much appreciated.